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Friday, September 4, 2009

Friendships Come and Friendships Go

A few months back I read on someones blog (sorry I can't remember who or I'd give you credit) that friendships seem to fade every seven years. I remember thinking how crazy that is. I've had a couple of friends for 20+ years.
Then it happened to me. Two friendships I thought would last forever have slowly fizzled out over the last couple of months. I'm not sure what they're feeling, but I can tell you that I've outgrown their friendship. Yes, that sounds harsh. I just can't explain it, but I have no desire to deal with their drama. One is narcissistic and the other is well a fair-weathered friend.
I've made many new friends in the writing world. I belong to a wonderful writer's group locally. This people understand me. They understand the solitude that comes along with writing.
It's a shame really that these friendships have faded, but such is life.

Today I'm working hard on Heat Waves. Editor was growing a bit worried about me. I've never held on to edits for longer than a day or two. I'll get them back to her later today and then I'll be free to enjoy this long weekend. Maybe I'll take Tuesday off as a mental health day. I might need it after the testing is over in the morning.

Happy Labor Day everyone. Have a safe weekend!


  1. I know what you mean. I still have a couple long term friends, but I've also had many fade away.

    My younger daughter's dealing with that now. she and her best friend are stronger than ever. However, they're drifting apart from the rest of their group and they're sad. I don't think it's anything they've done wrong. People change.

  2. I have lots of acquaintances, few friends. My best friend died of heart failure very young and I haven't had a best female friend since. I do have two cousins I'm close with and one of my sisters with whom I'm very close. Plus my husband is my best friend, my dog my second best friend, and my kids are right up there too. It's kind of weird. I really don't like drama and the women I've met since I moved here (where we live) are all about drama. Too bad, huh...

  3. I grew up hanging with the boys on the block, because I couldn't handle the drama girls brought along with them. TOO much drama. And I seem to have a sign - GOT DRAMA, become my friend. LOL
    I joke with husband that I should have been a therapist. Just charging my one friend, I'd be a miilionaire. Oh well...

  4. Same here, Amber:) Girls were too catty in school, but thankfully most of the girl friends I have now have matured:)

    Except one...several years ago, my bff and I discovered that while the three of us had been friends for years, she and I had 'moved forward' with our lives (married, kids, etc..) while our mutual friend was still acting as if she was stuck in high school/college years. We've 'grown up'; she hasn't. But she's a loyal fan of mine, so I patiently deal with her, even if sometimes I end up shaking the phone receiver and want to bang it against the wall at some if the idiotic stuff she says! Thank God she's not a blog reader...

  5. I have quite a few friends back on the East Coast, my original home before my significant other and I moved to sw Texas 13 years ago. Those friends are from all segments of our lives there. Since moving to Texas though, I must say my best friends are my writer friends, my critique group and my chapter buddies. Maybe 2 more from elsewhere.
    Is age a factor in acquiring friends?

  6. The ones that stick are the ones worth keeping. We all change. Some of us grow up while others can't handle your new love. Sounds like it was better for you to move on.

  7. I can honestly say I don't have any local friends. Some acquantainces, for sure. My daughter is closer to me than anyone and she has recently left for college. I must say though that my writer friends are probably closer to me and know me better, than anyone. I couldn't get through a day without talking to them.

  8. Hugs, Amber! Anytime you need a friend, I'm only an email or phone call away.

  9. Thanks everyone! All my writer friends are awesome! :o)