Wednesday, September 2, 2009

In a Funk

Today we must start off with a hottie!

My baby started junior high today. She was so nervous. I doubt she slept much last night. I know her mother didn't. lol I got up bright and early (4am). I had cinnamon buns ready for when she woke up. She loves them, so I thought a little comfort food would help. It always does for me. At 7am she walked up the road to the bus stop. All her friends are nervous so she'll find comfort with them. The good thing is the 8th graders don't start until tomorrow. Gives the 7th graders time to acclimate themselves to their new school.

Yesterday I accomplished a lot of work. Still have a cover art form to fill out and finish edits on Heat Waves. The day job will definitely get in the way today. Wednesdays are my extremely busy days.
I'm hoping to get back to Research Required by the weekend. Not much left to write - 3-5k at the most. I miss writing. :(
I'm in a funk and don't know how to get myself out. What do you do to pull yourself out?


  1. That's great that the school gives the new 7th graders a day to get acclimated:) My 'baby girl' started HS this year, and accidentally missed the bus today. I told her the fact she was mad at her brother was not a valid reason to stay home, lol:) I quickly showered and dressed while she got her younger brother up and dressed; dropped her off and had a relaxing 'drop-off' at the elementary school, w/o holding up traffic as we've done the past two weeks! Hmmm...I may do this every morning!

    Pulling myself out of a funk...getting together with old friends? It certainly has motivated me! Otherwise...don't put added pressure on yourself. The words will come when they are ready.

  2. YEOWWWWWW! What a hunk!
    I want to come to your house and see where you are hiding all these great guys!

  3. My baby started high school a couple weeks ago. He's a Freshman, or as my younger daughter, his older sister so kindly calls him, "Fresh Meat".

    I'm in a funk today, too. I want to work on my time-travel book, and yet, I'm tired. It didn't help that when I walked in the house tonight my youngest accused my older daughter of hitting him with a chair in the nuts or that she said he'd been calling her names first to incite her. Just once, I'd like to come home to a nice, quiet, peaceful household.

  4. FUNKY HERE TOO. Getting out of it? Not quite sure. If you figure it out, let me know. sighhhhh.

    As you know mine just started college. The emails are still flying every day as she heads to one class or finishes up with another. She has blisters and a bruise on her shoulder from carrying her laptop. She'll come home in a few days so I'll keep cinnamon rolls in mind. That's one of her favorite things too.

  5. You know what? It's the dog days of summer. A lot of us are in a funk and life is pretty hectic/stressful right now. It will pass, don't worry. In late August, early September, we always get these airless hot days that drive me to distraction. I feel like a slug. Blech. I'll perk up when the weather cools down - and then we'll get the Santa Ana fire winds in October and things will get weird again.

  6. Research days are enjoyable. So are hot men. I suggest you research hot men. Helps me get out of a funk every time.

  7. Julia must be right--cuz I've been in a blue funk too. Sometimes starting a new book helps. Or just doing something totally frivolous for a day.