Thursday, September 3, 2009

Need a Drink

Feeling a little better today. Accomplished a lot yesterday and this morning. This afternoon I'll begin to tackle the edits. That's all I have left.
I'm cleaning little by little for B's b-day party Sunday. I'm glad it's a three day weekend. I feel like I haven't stopped running for over two weeks.
Softball started up again. Fall Ball. This lasts until October. And if I'm correct Basketball will start in November. But she must stay active or she'll drive me nuts. She is a child that can not handle boredom. Thankfully she likes sports.

Back to the daily grind!


  1. There's a lot of drinking going around today...and I'm rocking out to Journey! Can't drink until after I pick up the kids!

  2. Honey - nine years of travel ball, select soccer, bball and vball. However, she parleyed the softball into a great college so it was worth it!

  3. I have a child just like that. My younger daughter cannot stand to sit still or stay home. She's on two softball teams (rec and travel) and she's still bored inbetween.

    I have five children and she's the only one like that. The others are all homebodies that like to stay home and enjoy things around here.

    If she didn't look a lot like me and my other daughter, I'd wonder if someone switched her at birth.