Monday, April 25, 2011


Blogger has been giving me issues for a few weeks now. I can’t change the font size or color…can’t use bold or Italics and yesterday it wouldn’t allow me to publish my post. I could save it as a draft, but no publishing it. So I wasn't able to wish everyone a Happy Easter.
I came to blogger because I found it easier to use than my wordpress blog. Now I’m not so sure. Maybe I’ll delete this blog and go back to wordpress.
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We traveled this past weekend and visited lots of my family. Now it’s back to work today.

Happy Monday.


  1. We'll follow your blog no matter where you go. I've been having blogger problems too. I have to write it in the Edit HTML box instead of the COMPOSE box and I can't view preview or it all goes to poo poo. It's very annoying.

    Hope you had a good Easter. My hubby was called at 6am yesterday and asked to work through Easter, but he got out of it, so I was able to spend the holiday with my family!

  2. Hmmm...(crossing fingers in your direction) Don't infect me!!! LOL:)

    Hope the issues clear up soon; I'm not that fond of the wordpress sites. But as Linda says, I'll still follow you, should you jump ship! How are you feeling?

  3. Blogger hates me. Can barely use it for SSS. Wordpress seems to like me well enough. Happy belated Easter.

  4. I seem to have equal issues with both. I think I'm just blog-impaired.

  5. I've been having some weird issues with Blogger lately as well. My stats aren't tracking properly and sometimes the returns won't reflect in the text. Hope it's fixed soon. Like you I decided on Blogger because it was so basic, but also so flexible. Happy Monday!