Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Special Guest - Cersie DeLand

Fancy a pirate romance?

When American clipper ship owner (and the bastard of the English Stanhope clan) finds a stowaway on his ship, Mark Stanhope knows he must take her back to her father in London. (Copyright 2011, Cerise DeLand. All rights reserved.)

“If you turn around,” Sirena told him, “if you take me to London, I shall only run away again.” “You cannot live without your family, darling.” “You can! Why can’t I? Because I am a woman?” “That’s not what I mean.” He hated arguing with her. She rattled his senses. “I want you safe!” “Can you honestly say you think I am safe with de Ros?” she taunted him. She had him there. “Make no mistake, Mark Stanhope. You can tie me up and drag me back, deliver me, but one day I will escape them. My father. De Ros. I will be free. Even if you do not want me.” He jerked her to him. “Who says I don’t want you?” “You do! You’d take me back!” He shook her, her thighs molded to his through the thin trousers, chafing his willpower, rubbing him raw with his passion to taste her, take her, make her his own. “Hush. I won’t take you back.” I’ll keep you. “I’ll take you wherever you wish to go.” “Baltimore?” Bed? He stepped back, defeated by her determination and by his own craving to show her how he loved her for it. She had not declared she came here to be with him. She was here because she knew he was leaving England, she knew his ship was here in Dover and she bet odds he’d not find her aboard. His heart was sore, but his mind was clear on her purpose. “I’ll give you the freedom you seek. Every man and woman deserves that. It will be up to you to make the most of it.” She clutched his shirt, twisting it as she moved against him in an assault on all his reason. “What if I want simpler things?” This close, though she was dressed in plain colorless cloth and lacked the fragrance of camellias to adorn her, she was the most desirable creature he’d ever seen. “Such as?” “You. Now. Here.” Little do they both know that returning to England is not in their future. In fact, blown off course, they are taken by Barbary pirates. Imprisoned. Denied hope. Until Mark bargains with the pirate king, whom once years ago, he escaped from. Only now, the salacious pirate has a price in mind for Mark’s and Sirena’s freedom. Can Mark ask Sirena to perform these outrageous acts to free them both from slavery? Will Sirena see the worth in making love to the only man she has ever desired, no matter the method, no matter how many view her naked and willing and wild?

Do come see in my 4th in Regency series, STANHOPE CHALLENGE, THE BASTARD’S PASSIONATE PRIZE, already out at http://www.resplendencepublishing.com/ and soon to be at AllRomanceEbooks and Fictionwise!


  1. OH, so glad you liked it, Marie Rose!
    Come back again. Amber has some great guests--and yum yum excerpts of her own and others' works.

  2. Sounds like a goodie. Thanks for sharing the blurb and excerpt.

  3. Great excerpt Cerise! I can see why the Stanhope series is a best seller!
    XXOO Kat