Thursday, April 14, 2011

Peace and Quiet and hopefully Sunshine

The weatherman is promising sunshine today. I swear I feel water logged. We’ve had so much rain and snow the cover to my pool collapsed and is now sitting in the bottom of my pool. I can’t pull it out so the DH will have to work on that this weekend. I suppose now’s the best time to open the pool! LOL I know the weather isn’t warm enough for swimming but I can hope.
I love Thursday’s. The DH goes into the office and my daughter and her children usually get out of the house for the day. That means a quiet day for Amber. Work is normally slow – an added bonus.
I need some quiet to get writing done. I have one book out for submission and nothing waiting in the wings. I’d like to have something to sub soon.
Today I’m blogging about comfort zones over at Romance Books R Us
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Happy Thursday!


  1. Let's hope to see some sun today. Enjoy your peace and quiet. I hope that you get a lot of writing done.

  2. Here's to a productive day, Amber! You deserve one. Or several, whatever. ;)

  3. Have fun with your Thursday sunshine!! My weatherman predicted bad storms this evening and possible tornadoes. Ugh, it can't be tornado season already. I guess that's what I get for living in KS!

  4. It's beautiful here too, which means a gorgeous Friday is on its way to you:) Unfortunately, I caught the flu, so I'm staying inside today. Rain coming in tomorrow for us, ugh.

  5. Happy Thursday, Amber, hope your weather stays clear for a while. Oh, and happy writing too!