Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Hips Don't Lie

I’m feeling my age today. I’ve been up in pain since the wee hours of 3:30am. I’m not as young as I was the first time I had children and I’m feeling it. You’d think I’d have written or something while up all this time. Nope. Instead I’ve been trying to fall back to sleep. Damn if I can find a comfortable position.
I realize being in my forties I’ll have some aches and pains, but this is HELL…waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.
Okay, so I got that off my chest, err uh, hips.
Other than that I have an extremely busy work day. I have to take the teenage daughter out tonight for a dress. Her eighth grade class is having a dance Friday. (Yes, I know nothing like waiting til the last minute) I can’t believe she’ll be in high school next year.
The DH and I were catching up on Friday Night Lights the Sunday and at the end Coach and his wife were in the driveway watching their oldest drive off to college, while they were holding their youngest. I looked at the DH and said, “You realize that will be us in five years.”
Of course he just smiled while I grumbled, “What the #*^% were we thinking!”
It’ll be okay. I’ll only be 60 or so when this one goes off to college.
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Happy Wednesday! Take care of those poor hips.

  2. It will be worth it! I hope you get a nap today.
    XXOO Kat

  3. As you know, I had my last one at age 38...and my spouse had just turned 50. Yup, he'll be 68 when youngling graduates:)

    Cheer up; when I was in the last month, I was having trouble finding a comfortable sleep position. A thought ran through my head and I started laughing. Hubby wanted to know what was funny; I said, "It feels as if something's lodged in my pelvis!" Ummm...yeah....there was!

    It'll be okay! Praying you have a healthy child soon:) And get the epi; it was worth it! I missed out the first two kids.

  4. LOL! It will work out just fine. I have no doubts!

  5. You so know it's worth it!!!! You're just tired and a little cranky. Once you get some sleep, you will feel better. Happy dress hunting. I thought the last minute of FNL was the best. Of course besides Eric smashing that tool's tail light out with the handlebars of Gracie's new bike!