Saturday, June 25, 2011

School's Out For Summer

Alice Cooper’s song comes to mind every June. Back in high school this was the song all the local rock stations played at the end of June. Thursday was my daughter’s last day of school and I’m enjoying not having to fight with her to get out of bed. TEENS!
Only two days of work left for me before I take a 10 day vacation. The day job has been overly stressful lately and I can really use the time off. It’ll be nice because I’ll go back for about 3 weeks and then off for maternity leave. Woo hoo. It won’t be long. I’m not rushing it though because I love summer and do not want it to fly by.
I’m busy planning the DH’s b-day get together for next weekend. Tomorrow is my mom’s b-day, but we’ll celebrate that when she comes out to visit in two weeks.
So, a few weeks ago, then George Clooney’s gal pal made a comment that she would be married by the end of the year. When I read this I said to the DH, “Not to George! She just bought her ticket to a break-up.”
The DH shrugged, what does he care about things like that? Now look they broke up. If she’ll be married by the end of the year it will not be to George. :o) I just find it funny that women think they’ll tame him and tie him down to marriage. He clearly has no desire to be married.
I have to give George credit. Don’t get me wrong, I love my DH very much and I’m happy we’re married. But in all honesty, if I had to get into a relationship again I wouldn’t live with another man, nor would I marry one. I could happily date and still have my freedom to be who I want and do what I want. Apparently George likes his life the way it is and good for him.
Happy Saturday!


  1. Good for George and good for you!! You need this vacation to rest up. Countdown four days for me. Whee!!!!

  2. Have a great summer, Amber, and don't worry about George, he'll find another young babe and boost her career before moving on.