Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This and That...

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Mine was nice. Just wish I had the chance to eat some Turkey. We went to my dad’s for lunch who served shrimp and sandwiches. Then we went to my aunts. There was turkey there, but Teagan decided she wanted to eat the same time as everyone else. So mom didn’t get dinner. She’s a slllllloooooooooowwwwwww eater. The bottle went on for an hour. I wasn’t hungry any longer, so I had dessert.

The trip was nice, but the internet service at the hotel was horrible. It was odd because we stay at the same place every time we go to NY. On top of the internet issue my mini laptop decided to bite the dust. It’s only a year old…of course the warranty ran out 3 weeks ago. Figures right?

My writing laptop is biting the dust too. I’ve been busy backing everything up so I don’t lose anything. I hear Santa is shopping for a new one for me. ;o)

Nano isn’t going any better. I was hoping for 25k…as of this morning I’m at 13k. Oh well, at least I’m writing.

Happy Tuesday


  1. You didn't eat turkey on T-day? Too bad you missed your dinner. But at least the baby got hers!

    So sorry about your laptop. But thank goodness you can get a new one.

  2. Hey, you're doing better than me in the writing department! At least you got dessert!

  3. Sorry about not getting any turkey. I hope they at least sent you home with some leftovers. 13k is great!!!! I wish I had as much.

  4. Exactly! At least you're writing. When you're done with Teagan, send her over here. I need a solid weight loss program for the new year and it sounds like she's a lynch pin. LOL.

  5. 13K is better than 0k!! Hope Santa brings you the best laptop available.

    And I've never heard of shrimp on Thanksgiving. What an interesting concept.

  6. LOL:) My middle child 'dined'...the boys 'gobbled'. Teagan's a lady:)

    Hey, 13k is better than zero:) I think my count is around 10K.

    LOL...WV is 'didly':)

  7. Ham for Thanksgiving. We don't usually do turkey as there's only two of us. Who the heck would eat the leftovers?

    Writing? In November? Never understood why Nano isn't in a less busy month...say February or March. 13K is excellent!

    Hope you get a fabuloso computer from St. Nick!