Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Crazy Times

Life has been insane. Not in a good way. I’m busy, busy, busy. Hubby had a phone screening yesterday for a new job. He goes in for the face to face next week. The job is a great opportunity for him. It means a nice raise and better opportunity for growth.
The downfall? It’s near Salem, MA. The drive would be crazy for him. It would mean moving to MA, somewhere between here and Salem. I have nothing against moving to MA, except it’s still in the Northeast. Before this job came to light we’d been talking about moving to Florida or Texas. We both are tired of long cold winters and most who know me, know I’m a summer, hot weather person.
I’m watching my dreams of moving someone warmer fly out the window. I’d never dream about him not taking it if offered. No one deserves this more than him. He’s paid his dues with his company. This is the obvious next step for him. I WANT him to get the job.

I just wish it was somewhere closer or down south. LOL Oh well…those are the things we do for the ones we love. The good thing is my job can be done from anywhere, both the day job and my writing! 


  1. Too bad he couldn't get the job and they transfer his new position to Florida. Win win!

  2. Amber, believe me when I say I understand. My hubby's job comes first so we've made decisions I would not have made otherwise. I get it.