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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ghost Hunters and Life Changes

I was so excited about the review from Manic Reader's yesterday I forgot to mention the return of Ghost Hunters last night. They came back with a bang. I like GHI, but Jason and Grant are my all time favorites. Last nights episode Jason was scratched. He had five marks on his legs. Not that I want to see them hurt, but this is the stuff I WANT to see. That's what they're there to do isn't it? SHOW us that ghosts and other paranormal entities exist? They didn't let me down. I hope the rest of the season only gets better.

On the writing front I've got the editing for His Submissive just about complete to submit to Noble Romance. My next submission Research Required is a few scenes away from being done too. Not sure who I'll submit this one to. I've had some thoughts. I'm really considering Loose, Id or Resplendence Publishing. I'll keep you posted. Or I might keep it in house with one of my current publishers. It's a lot to think about.

Off to work on my local chapters newsletter. I volunteered to be the editor for the next two years. When I volunteered I hadn't expected some of the life changes I've been facing. (That's a post for another day!) Oh well, can't turn my back on it now, but this might turn into a one year run instead of two. I'll know more in the weeks to come HOW much my life will be changing! lol
Oh, and I before I forget to mention I'm blogging on Tuesday's at Six Sexy Scribes. I'm excited to be blogging with five wonderful and talented authors. So, drop by sometime!


  1. A lot of authors seem to be migrating toward Resplendance. Good luck:)

  2. Amber! LOVE your new cover for TAlk Dirty to Topaz! BEEEEEEEEEEautiful designs from Aspen Mountain!!!!

  3. Thanks Molly!

    Cerise, I love it too! I think it's the best so far. Thanks :)

  4. I've never seen Ghost Hunters, but I'll have to check it out.

    I'll go check out the other blog your at today now. :)

  5. Girl, you have lots going on. I've never watched Ghost Hunters but I do know the premise. I have time for True Blood and Next Top Chef on Bravo. LOL!

  6. Ghost Hunters rocks. I saw the scratches and I wanted them to turn on the lights so I could see if it was red. And then they were casual about it, "pshaw, no big deal, it's pretending" and I thought, holy Pete if that's pretend, keep it away from me. Maybe next time they'll have things flying off the walls. Love that shit.

  7. Good luck with the edits and submissions!

  8. Next to True Blood, I love all the paranormal shows and GH is one of my favorites. Damn, hope they re-show that first episode. This has been a 'too busy' week for me and I plumb forgot.