Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Manic Readers gives Spank Me Twice a "Thumbs Up"

4.5 Stars
Release Date: 05/22/09
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing LLC
Genre: Erotica
ISBN: 978-1-60592-037-5
Pages: 79
Format: E-Book
List Price: 6.00
Author Page: Jude Mason
MR Reviewer: Amanda

Ticket to a Spanking by Jude Mason

When Julia and her best friend Chris find a speeding ticket belonging to Julia’s husband, Ken, she figures the best way to make him pay for keeping it from her is a spanking. However, Chris has always been interested in how Julia “punishes” Ken but she never expects to have a front row seat to it. While Ken is embarrassed and shocked to be receiving his spanking in front of another woman, it’s kind of a turn on as well. Will all three find their pleasure or be left out in the cold?

YUM! I love Jude’s books, especially her spanking stories. They’re so original and sexy. I loved Chris the most in Ticket to a Spanking—she’s such a newbie to the lifestyle and she was depicted brilliantly. This is a very hot and heavy story and sure to rev your engines.

Rein Me In by Amber Skyze

When Delia overspends on her credit card, her husband is understandably upset. Poor Delia thinks he’s going to leave her though, and she’ll do anything to make sure that doesn’t happen—even take a spanking for her naughty behavior. No cajoling on her part is going to get her free of his “lesson in overspending.”

Rein Me In is a ton of fun. I loved Scott (Delia’s husband). He’s gorgeous and dominant. He’s determined to get his wife to lay off shopping and the only way he can get her to pay attention is by teaching her a lesson. The spankings are off the charts hot and although I felt a little bad for Delia I know she enjoyed it just as much.

Road Trip by Tara S. Nichols

While on a road trip, Mona can’t keep her horniness in check. Anytime she’s in the car her needs just ratchet out of control. Her boyfriend Jess knows it drives her wild, but he’s holding back. Will he be able to resist her the entire trip, or will her sensual teasing be too much to resist?

I love road trip stories. There’s just something so carnal about them. A quickie on the side of the road or over the hood of a car, they’re all very stimulating. I loved Mona. She’s quite the little hussy. I don’t know how Jess managed to hold out on her for so long. Fast paced but not lacking in any area, Road Trip is definitely a feast for your senses.

Lip Service by Keta Diablo

After Navarre and Bryan have a fight, Bryan takes off on assignment to Japan. Determined to reconcile, Navarre creates the perfect romantic atmosphere for Bryan’s homecoming—only to have it go to hell in a hand basket. The plane has mechanical problems and Bryan is stuck in a hotel—200 miles away. Well, nothing like a little spontaneity to keep the relationship at its peak. Navarre decides to surprise Bryan in his hotel room, only to get a surprise of his own—Bryan isn’t alone.

Ouch. The suspense was killing me. I could feel the connection between Navarre and Bryan so I was really worried about what Navarre was going to find in the hotel room. Lip Service is a total page turner and I couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen.

Wowzers. Spank Me Twice is mouthwateringly delicious down to the last page. What an incredible array of writers in this book. Jude Mason starts it off with a delicious tale of a naughty husband who gets his punishment and it goes out with a bang with a male love story by Keta Diablo. Spank Me Twice is like an Oreo cookie. Yummy crunchy cookie on the outside with delectable cream-filling in the middle. All the stories are fast paced and will have you needing a fan on high next to you.


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