Thursday, August 27, 2009


I've been pleased thus far with not having to change any of my titles. So when my editor explained that Cabin Fever had to be changed it threw me for a loop. I totally understand her reasons, but my mind went blank. That's what happens when I feel pressured. lol I racked my brain for anything I could pull from the story - nothing. The only thing from the story I could possible use was Mustang Love. Don't think she liked it that much and she shouldn't. Still waiting to hear if we can use the new title. I'm also assuming that since I'm working so hard on a title for a story that hasn't been contracted, one must be coming with the title change. Let's just say if I'm doing this for nothing, I won't be a happy camper! :o)

I wrote this morning. Only two pages, but it was more than I had yesterday. Today is a busy day. L has a dental and doctors appointment back-to-back. Originally they were a few hours apart, but she got an invite for a fun day of swimming, go-carts and a baseball game to end the day. Being a good mom I found a way to rearrange the dentist appt.

I have my own agenda for that too. It gives me an hour of waiting while she has a physical and cleaning, oh and lets not forget the shots. Waiting means time for editing. Woo Hoo.

Off to get ready to bring her to her appointments. Hope you enjoy this lovely day!


  1. Two pages is two more closer to your goal:) Good for you!

    Yeah, I sometimes use the 'waiting room' as my writing time too. Sometimes a change of scenery does the trick:)

  2. How many works do you have going on all at once! I'm very impressed with your output!

  3. Julia, I'm working on three stories. I switch between them - depending on my mood! :) I have to continuously write or I'll get in a slump.

    Molly - I have to remember I'm moving forward. Thanks for reminding me!

  4. Having the ability to work on multiple projects is huge. Not everyone can. If I try, the others stay inactive until I get to them. Usually after the first one is finished.

    Congratulations on the title stage of contracting! Good luck with whichever is used.

  5. I feel your pain on titles. I completely suck at them.

  6. When I was a new writer I heard that publishers always changed titles so I didn't waste a lot of brain power on them. And then my publishers kept the titles I had. Having learned my lesson, I try a lot harder to pick good titles. But it's hard. Sometimes my friends have helped me - otherwise, I may never have gotten "Purrfect Justice" which I love. Thanks Kim! I think I need Kim's help more again. Hugs. It's hard.