Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's gonna be a scorcher

I wanted to post yesterday, but the day job would not allow any time for it! The temps are reaching ninety again today. I know most hate this weather, but I absolutely love it! Give me hot temps and a float in the pool and I'm one happy camper. I'm not a cold weather person, yet I continue to live in the northeast. Maybe some day we'll move south.

I think I've damaged my granddaughter from sugar for the rest of her life - and she's only 3 1/2 months. Sunday my daughter and the baby came over for a visit. Well the daughter just needed a shower without the baby in the room. Anyway, before she jumped in she said, T might get hungry. Just yell if she gets cranky.

Okay, I can handle this. I've raised three of my own children. T got cranky almost immediately. I called to B and asked how much water/formula to mix. She proceeds to tell me she needs her fruit. Heat it for ten seconds and then mix in two spoons of cereal. The cereal is in her diaper bag.

Simple enough. I grab a container with what I thought was cereal. Heat up the peaches and mixed in the finely grain cereal. Well, T refused to eat her peaches. She kept spitting it back out and screaming her head off.

B got out of the shower and I firmly told her "T hates peaches and needs a bottle." So while I'm giving her a bottle, B's checking out the peaches. "They're not very thick," she states.

"Yes," I say, "what kind of cereal are you feeding her?"
"One grain."
"It's awful fine," I say.
She's stirring and decides to taste it. "Ummm, mom which container did you use to mix into her peaches?"
"The one in the bag."
She reaches in the diaper bag and asks, "This one?"
"Ummm, no. The one I used is on the kitchen counter."
B rushes to the kitchen and comes back. "That's the sugar!"
Now we're both laughing our asses off. My stomach hurt!

So T had more sugar than she wanted! That's when B reminded me how I threatened to sugar her up and send her home.

I hadn't intended to start this young. I meant around five or six! LOL

Note to self: make sure T's containers are labeled going forward.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.


  1. LOL:) Give her another year and you won't be able to keep the sugar out of her reach!

  2. Excellent. Step one is initiated. Begin phase two... caffeine. ;)

  3. Your pool sounds heavenly. If I had a pool at my disposal all the time, I'd love the warm weather even more. Some day...