Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Funny

Yesterday was a bust. My daughter was stuck for a babysitter, so while she went off to work I watched T. By the time her mom returned from work I had a terrible migraine. Not T’s fault. I had a ton of fun playing with her and her toys. LOL
The rest of my afternoon was spent in bed. Only to get up cook dinner and watch T again while her mom went to school. No writing, no editing, nothing. Just playtime with a 9 month old.
This morning I woke up bright and early grabbed a cup of coffee and hit the recliner with my laptop. Mind you it’s dark. The only light at 4am is the light from my laptop. I was all set to get busy. I’m in the middle of reading emails when a spider waltz’s across my laptop screen. Not some little spider, but a big ugly one. I do not like spiders or any creepy crawly creatures. So I wing my laptop around and toss it on the end table – thinking the motion would send said spider flying. Yeah right. Those little suckers can hold on a windshield of a car going 70 mph…yes, I’ve done this before.
I jump up and turn on a light…the wrong one obviously because it’s barely lit up the room. Of course it’s probably one of the energy saving light bulbs the DH has strategically placed throughout the house. The ones that take five minutes to get to their full brightness. I’m all about saving energy, but these are not the light bulbs I want when in an emergency. Oh and not ones you use in a bathroom. That’s a story for another day.
Anyway, I’m searching for my intruder. I spot him walking across my laptop. I run in the bathroom and come back with a tissue. He’s still there – YAY! I kill the little sucker and all is well. Though for the next twenty minutes I’m worried it will happen again. What’s the likelihood another spider will crawl over my laptop? Slim to none.
So that’s the way my day started. I managed to get my edits done on Research Required. They’re off to my editor.
Being a nice mom I decided to make L some cinnamon buns for breakfast. I wanted to start her Friday off good. I open the damn container and half fall to the floor. I’d use the five second rule, but I have three dogs. They were all over the buns before I could scoop them up. Sorry L, no buns for you. I managed to salvage a few and cooked them for her. All is right with the world again.
One more week until Wild Lickins releases. The countdown has begun.
Happy Friday everyone. Wishes for Love and Chocolate on Valentine’s Day.


  1. Ohhhhh boyyyyy. *big eyeroll* Sorry hon. Things have GOT to get better.

  2. Whew! Had to reread that; I thought you THREW your laptop!

    At least you tried for the sticky buns:)

    Hope your day improved and yay for getting the edits finished!

  3. I hate days like that. I hope things are better now and you have a great and Happy Valentine's Day weekend. Congrats on the release coming soon.

  4. I need to spend a lot more time with my grandchildren. We'll see them tomorrow when we go to DS1's house to celebrate DS2's birthday. I'll have to start spending at least a few hours weekly with them.