Thursday, February 18, 2010

This Sucks!

Tough day. Not only do I have to drive a few hours back home, I have to break some bad news to my DH. I learned Tuesday that my daughter is expecting AGAIN. Mind you our grand daughter is barely 10 months. The daughter is 14 weeks along.
The other grandmother thinks this is the greatest thing. Hmmm, her son is unemployed and living with her. My daughter is working PT going to school at nights and living at home with me. How is this a good thing? We can’t possibly fit another baby in the bedroom where they’re staying. (They’re sharing a room with my 12 year old). There just isn’t room for another person no matter how small.
So not only to I have to rehash fresh wounds I have to inform the daughter that she needs to get her butt in gear along with the baby’s father and find a place to live. Oh I’m so not looking forward to today. In all honesty my daughter knows this was a temporary situation and that T needs a room of her own. It’s the other half that needs a good kick in the ass.
I’ll trade places with ANYONE out there! LOL
And if I wasn’t cranky enough I’m not writing. That makes me more unbearable. I haven’t written anything in ten days. I need to get back in action and write.

The contest over at Erotic Romantic Crush Junkies is still going on. You have to the 21st to enter. So stop by for your chance to win a copy of Ignited.

Happy Thursday everyone. Let’s hope I haven’t hurt anyone by Friday! LOL


  1. Drive safe Amber.

    I feel for you. ::HUGS::


  2. Oh honey...HUGS! What a sticky situation but I'm with you. You must put your foot down and get them in gear.

  3. Thanks everyone. I'm so lucky to have such great friends. :o)