Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Exciting News

Yesterday I received an email from Dawn at Love Romances Café letting me know that Heat Waves had been nominated for Best Contemporary of 2009. Can you say WOW! I was shocked. It only got better. As I was reading the other nominees I noticed Spank Me Twice was up for Best Erotic Book of 2009. It floored me to be nominated for two awards.
I’m up against some awesome authors for the Contemporary award, but I swear just being nominated is exciting. :o)
The voting begins the 15th. Once I get the information I’ll post it, in case you’ve read Heat Waves and want to vote. LOL
In other news I participated in my first book signing with eleven other authors last night. It was interesting. During the author bio the announcer talked about my nominations. Well! The funniest part was at the end. I was packing up my things when this older couple...I'm talking late sixties . early seventies comes up to me and says, "What was the name of that book? Smack Me Twice, Hit Me Twice?"
I looked at her and asked, "Spank Me Twice?"
"Yes. Yes, that's the one." She turns to her husband. "We have to go home and look that book up!"
I was rolling. It's nice to see they're still interested in sex.
The day kept getting better because when I got home I checked email and there was a contract for Dante's Desire.
Now how am I going to top that? LOL
Happy Tuesday Everyone!


  1. I say wow! And congrats!

    Did I tell you I added your blog to my bloglist?

    Congrats again Amber.