Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ticked Off!

Yesterday sucked! I spent the day in bed battling some sort of bug. It was most likely stress related as Tuesday was worse. Being out on disability I’ve been getting paid regularly. Things moved smoothly. No lag in the paychecks. THAT should’ve been my first sign.
I’ve been logging into my work email once a week just to keep it under control – well I’m glad I did. I received an email from payroll saying “we’re sorry to inform you that we’ve overpaid you for the following pay periods.” It basically stated that they’ve overpaid me for every bit of time I’ve been out and would be taking the money back in future paychecks. First of all I was on paid vacation when went out on disability. Secondly, maternity leave is 100% covered for 8 weeks.
I can’t get a hold of ANYONE to answer my questions.
I tried responding to the person who emailed me, no response. I emailed HR directly – no response. I CALLED HR, keep getting disconnected. Called the company that handles the short term – talked to someone! HA!
She had no clue, but she’d have someone call me. Tuesday, no call…Wednesday, still no call…wait at 9pm someone called. She couldn’t really help, but sympathized with my situation. She stated she was having issues with our HR department lately. They haven’t been responding to emails or phone calls. You wouldn’t mind but I work for a large well known company. WTF is going on?
Checked email again this morning – nothing. Have to wait until 10am Central time to start calling again. Like I want to spend my days fighting over money owed to me.
You don’t mess with my family, money or friends…unless you want me to f#$% you up. Can’t wait to start this battle all over again.
On a better note, I received a nice email from an author who I don’t know personally, but have read her work. She wanted to let me know she read Ignited and enjoyed it so much that she bought two more of my books during the 50% sale at Are. That was really cool and made my day! :o)
Happy Thursday everyone. Let the fun begin!


  1. I'd be pissed too. A pissed off monkey. You shouldn't be worrying about this kind of crap right now.

  2. crapola!!! That so sucks! It's a good thing you are tough.