Monday, August 9, 2010

Baby Watch

For real this time. Last week I spent getting my daughter moved into her new apartment. The doctor had warned her on Tuesday that she was in labor, though not fully active yet. She told her to hurry up and move in. So we did. Thursday she was experiencing a lot of back pain. As someone who had back labor, I thought it was time. Nope.
The DH and I felt it best if we cancel our trip to NY in case the grandson decided to make his arrival. Nope. I feel terrible for missing my goddaughter's birthday party, but it couldn't be helped. I wasn't driving three hours back if B went into full on labor.
Turns out I was meant to stay home. Saturday I was locked away in my dark bedroom with a migraine from hell. Sometime in the evening I crawled out and we went to look at tiles for our sun room.
Sunday I woke with a vicious stomach bug. Nauseous all day long into the night. I'm still feeling queasy today. I hate feeling sick to my stomach. I'd rather be sick and get it over with.
Anyway, the daughter called me at 5am to let me know the contractions are 10mins apart and the pain doesn't go away in between. She just wanted to give me a HEADS UP!!! LOL
Thanks B.
Needless to say I'll have the little one running around for the next few days depending on how long they keep her. With these drive-by deliveries I'm sure she'll be home tomorrow.

Happy Monday!
Please keep me in your thoughts I'll need all the good vibes to handle work and a 16 month old. :o)


  1. Here's hoping the new little one makes a smooth entry into the world:) Congrats Grandma!

  2. Did Jonathan arrive yet? Hope youre feeling better; Im sure Tiana has u on ur toes! Continued good thoughts going out for mama, grandma and Tiana!