Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Overextended and Two New Reviews

It seems I've overextended myself. I've got too many projects I'm juggling right now and don't know where to begin. When this happens I shut down. I don't write at all. I did manage to write a synopsis yesterday.
I've got two editors interested in two full length mss. Both fall outside the erotica genre and so I'll assume two new names if they're contracted.
School is only a few weeks away for my youngest. I need to start thinking about shopping. Around the same time my other daughter turns 21 - woo hoo. She's excited. So we know there's a party that needs to be planned.

In other news Night Owl Reviews has reviewed two of my books. Both were pretty good. I got nervous with the Submit With Me review. She gave it a 3.75, but then it started off as if she hated the book. After reading further that wasn't the case. Here are the links if you want to check them out!

Submit With Me


Happy Wednesday!


  1. Those are good reviews, Amber, and as far as being over-extended - OMG - me too. It's a challenge to meet all my obligations right now. Good luck!

  2. I hear you, Amber. Boy do I. It gets so exhausting trying to do all and be all. But way to go on the two editors being interested in your fulls and congrats on your great reviews! :)

  3. Great for the interest in your stories. Why change your name unless the books are childrens or inspirational? I like your name and your building a brand. Just a thought. Don't sweat the review not everyone will click with everything you write and it sounded like there was a lot she liked.