Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Release Date

Adrift my first book from Loose-Id has a new release date - Sept 14th. Originally it was supposed to be released on Nov 9th. I'm not complaining. In fact, I'm super excited. I've written plenty M/F/M, but this is my first M/M/F.
With the change of date I'm anxiously awaiting cover art.

Here is a brief blurb to get you ready for the real thing. LOL

Ben Eckhart has been the object of Kari Kirkland’s lust for almost three years. Yet he’s never spoken a word to her and why would he? She’s a plus-sized woman with scars that haunt her every day. When their boss declares he’s having a mandatory picnic. Ben not only talks to Kari, he wants to know if she’s going and if she’ll be alone. She is, if only to fantasize about Ben in his swim shorts.
Ben has other ideas in mind for Kari. He’s bringing along his best friend and lover Adam. Together they’ll try to convince Kari that love, sex and a threesome are in her future.
What they didn’t expect was to be stranded on a deserted island. After having sex with Adam and Ben will Kari succumb to their proposition or leave them Adrift?

Happy Thursday!


  1. Sounds like another good one Amber:) Congrats on the new release date!

  2. Wow, coming up quick...congrats! Sounds great and can't wait to see the cover. :)

  3. sounds like another winner, Amber - cant wait to read it! Also, Dante's Desire was delicious! keep 'em coming girlfriend! and congrats on Adrift!