Monday, August 30, 2010

It's Getting Hot in Here

And I’m not talking sex. DH and I went away for a leisurely long weekend. We both worked part of the trip, but we still had lots of fun. More about the trip tomorrow.
The temperatures have risen back into the 90s and for those who know me I love this weather, EXCEPT when the central air goes.
My son called us on Friday night and asked, how do I work the AC, it’s 83 in the house. I go over the instructions with him and he proceeds to tell me he didn’t have to do anything because every switch is where it should be. No air is coming out of the vents.
We are few hours away and can’t really do anything at this point, so I tell him open windows, turn on fans and try to stay as cool as possible.
We get home and sure enough a fuse was blown, BUT that didn’t solve the problem. We called the company who put in the condenser a few years ago and they would happily come out for a $250 service call. If we wait until Monday it’s only $150. Needless to say the DH thought we could suffer through one night.
Suffer we did. It was unbearable and so was my mood. Being miserable I decided it best I go to bed early so not to take it out on the family. :o) They’re coming today to try and fix it. Say lots of prayers because it’s going to be 96 today and if it isn’t fixed, well…
In other news I had a rejection on a quickie. I’ll look over the reasons in a few days and see if I can make changes to submit elsewhere. Not too torn up about this one, but still rejection sucks.
I think the pool is calling me…
Happy Monday Everyone!


  1. Eww. I can't sleep in the heat; I just toss and turn the whole night. Hope the fix is a quick one and you don't have to wait for parts to come in.

    And I totally agree; Rejection sucks. On my last one, the editor said it was a near miss. Which is better but almost worse too.

  2. Does the AC fan work? If the cooler part isn't, but the fan is, you can run water over the unit from the garden hose and it will cool the house MANY degrees. I know that sounds iffy and electrocutiony but the AC fixer guy told me about it one very hot July 4th when he couldn't get out there right away.

    If your fan is busted too, well, have sex with ice cubes??

  3. That's hot. It's warm today but sliding more into fall temperatures here. And rejection does suck. Hope you can find a home for your story.

  4. Hope you cool down soon - once it's really fall, it should be gorgeous!

  5. Be thankful its almost Autumn; wont need the a/c much longer anyway - sorry about the pass on your 'quickie' - it will find a better home.