Thursday, September 16, 2010

Where Am I?

I can’t believe its Thursday already. Where the heck did the week go? Oh right I was promoting my two new releases. I’m tired and have a terrible migraine.
I started exercising again. After the tragic start to the New Year, I kinda let myself go and gained a few more pounds than I needed. When the temperatures dropped and I needed to put on a pair of jeans it depressed me. Only one pair still fit – barely. So Monday I climbed my butt back on to the treadmill and let me tell you something I thought I was dying the rest of the day. Same thing with yesterday.
Here’s the good and bad part. The good part is I’m sleeping a whole lot better. The bad part? I’m oversleeping and not getting writing done. I have a routine. If that routine gets screwed up so does my writing schedule. I’m anal only when it comes to my mornings. Any other part of the day is a free for all. LOL
I’m weird so sue me.
Today I’ll be over at Lena Matthew’s taking part in the Book a Day Giveaway. Feel free to drop in and keep me company and obviously I’ll be giving away a copy of any backlist book.
Happy Thursday!


  1. You gotta love those migraines! They are like stalkers, always hanging around.
    Sorry you're out of sorts - I know things will smooth out. :)

  2. I LOVE the Melting Pot! And I did not know Rick Riordan had a new book out; I love his Percy Jackson series:)

    Congrats on your first published book! It sounds awesome:)