Monday, August 29, 2011

Extreme Weather

Last week we were hit by an earthquake. While I didn’t feel it many people I know did. We live close to trains and planes so I’m not sure I’d know the difference from them or an earthquake.
Then Hurricane Irene hit. The winds whipped and the trees came a tumbling down. The people across the street from us have a tree hanging off the power lines in front of their home. If it breaks the wires their cars will be toast and likely part of their house.
Today is looking beautiful and I’ll be taking a walk shortly to access the damage in the neighborhood. Lucky for us we only have tree limbs to clean up. we also lucked out because the majority of RI is without power, but we have it.
Some of my family in NY didn’t fair as well. My aunt’s house is flooded and they had to be evacuated by boat. My mom was close to a propane explosion, but she’s okay. Still waiting to hear from others.
Thoughts and prayers going out to all those affected by Hurricane Irene.


  1. Wow, thank goodness you came through it okay. What a week.

  2. Glad your damage was minimal. I'm relieved overall the storm was not as bad as anticipated.