Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Welcome Breathless Press Author Christina Jade Loren

Stuck in Sex

Awww do they have to have sex one more time? Why can’t I just end it here with them cuddling or better yet, falling asleep!

As a writer of erotic romance, sex can be an integral part of the plot (and maybe the most interesting?!). I have fallen prey a few times to the tantrum throwing, kicking and screaming internal reaction to my editor saying “Add some sex here” or “expand on this sex scene”. It’s hard! (no pun intended). Not to mention trying to come up with different things for each scene so the reader doesn’t get bored (or worse and put the book down!).

Getting around the issue can sometimes be just as hard as the issue itself! (At least something is hard in the book right? ;)) Writing m/m is no exception and neither is m/f, or f/f for that fact. Sex is sex and it can’t be the same thing over and over again (ok well the motions are the same and the end result is the same, but the journey is where the fun is at!) For me, I start with the basics. Character A and B go to bed together (or shower, or floor, or car, or tree… you get the point). Character A gets B hard and since we are all adults here, I don’t need to explain the birds and the bees (never understood that metaphor and I still don’t… does it have something to do with the birds going after worms that are clearly a phallic symbol for something else? Or the bees rubbing themselves all over those poor flowers? If you ask me, both are whores because they go after more than one worm and or flower! Anyway…) The end result is that sweet release.

One would think that it would end there. But if we as readers, read the same thing over and over again, the pleasure in giving pleasure wouldn’t be such… pleasurable now would it? Throw in some kink, different positions, perhaps try a new location, and you have added spice. Don’t get me wrong, spice all the time can get dull too. So switching it up from time to time and alternating between spice and vanilla is a good combination. But that’s not what this post is all about (well it is all about sex – Shocker, I know!).

Back to the original topic and dilemma, writing yet another sex scene as requested by the grand editor themselves.

If you are ever stuck in the same scenario, or perhaps just need to add another scene. Always remember to KISS and make it interesting. Add flare or spice where needed, and please don’t (and this is a big please and a big don’t) keep it the same or similar as before. Your characters are in love (or at least lust for each other) and have needs just like us real people. Fulfill their desires and urges and you will fulfill the readers as well!



  1. Great post Christina. I know I grow tired of writing sex at times.


  2. Thanks Amber for having me! I always have difficulties.


  3. Oh, I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets stuck on too much sex scenes. It really can be a challenge to create a spicier scene than the one you just finished. Or should I say, it's very "hard!"

    Great post!