Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day

My family always had a picnic on Labor Day. It was the unofficial end to summer. The kids would go back to school within days. Gone are those days, now that I’m living 200 miles away from my family. In the seven years I’ve lived here, I’ve learned my new family doesn’t look at this weekend the way my family did, which is fine. Everyone has their own traditions.
I still look at this weekend as the end of summer. As I look back over the last few months it’s hard to see where summer went. I know it went by way too quickly.
Our pool was under used this year. I think we only ate on the deck once or twice. It really is sad. Hopefully the fall will be warm enough to utilize the deck.
This weekend is usually when I set new writing goals for myself. I know most do it at the beginning of the year, but I always did it at the beginning of the school year. I’d go by new highlighters, calendars/planners, stock up on blue and red pens and sticky notes. I didn’t this year.
Today we’re going to see a movie or drive to the Hard Rock CafĂ© for lunch. It will be a much needed break for both of us. Hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day!