Thursday, September 22, 2011

What's on Amber's Mind?

First round edits are complete. I sent them off to my editor yesterday morning. I’m not sure I like some of them. I’m leaving it to my editor to decide if they should stay or go. I let her know I’m not tied to them. She stated second round wouldn’t be here until October so I have some time to think about it.
I can’t believe tomorrow is the first day of Autumn. I feel summer went way too fast. This year has flown by. I return to work on Monday. After having eight weeks off it’s time for me to return to the daily grind. I have so much to do before Monday, but I can’t seem to find the time to get anything done. I think it’s time to find a sitter so I can do those little things.
There’s been a big push for help for animals. ASPCA commercials seem to be taking over the television lately. They make me cry. It’s so depressing to know that people can abuse animals. We have three dogs and while I’d love to take more in, there’s just no room in my house!
There’s also another commercial getting the word out that a huge percentage of people in RI have nothing to eat on a daily basis. This too saddens me. The economy and loss of jobs has left this country in peril. I wish I could save the world, but sadly I can’t. I wish the politicians in Washington would stop worrying about themselves and start thinking about the suffering citizens of the US.
Okay, enough of what’s on my mind.
Happy Thursday!


  1. Happy Thursday. Hope you get everything you need to get done, done.

  2. Amber....are you a member of the RI romance group? I am giving a talk there on Oct 1...I hope I will see you there!

  3. Okay, Amber, first you make me cry then you say have a happy day! Which is it? I cannot watch those commercials at all.

  4. I hate all of those commercials. The minute I hear the music, I'm scrambling for the remote to change the channel.