Friday, September 23, 2011


Last night was open house at my daughter’s high school. Imagine my surprise when we arrived at her 7th period English class and when asked who our child was the teacher said, “Oh you’re the author.” I blushed and admitted I was.
Luckily my daughter is only aware of my writing credits such as Chicken Soup for the Soul and various magazines.
Mr. English teacher asked if I’d be willing to come in to the class later this year and talk to the kids. This man is VERY unaware of my public speaking phobia. LoL He also commented that he told my daughter that he’d have me come to a different class than hers so not to embarrass her. My precious child said, “I want her to come to my class. I love my mom.”
He laughed telling us and said, “Are you sure she’s a teenager?”
This is my daughter though. She tells it like it is and she doesn’t embarrass easy. She’s proud of me and her love for me – unlike her older sister at this age. I’m so happy at 14 she’s still a warm loving teenager. 
Today I have to finish last minute stuff so I can return to my day job on Monday. Waaaahhhhhhh! Sorry, it’s just not something I’m looking forward to, though my company has been in the news way too often over the last three months so having a job is a blessing right now.
Not sure what I’ll be doing this weekend, but I hope everyone has a great one!


  1. Have a great weekend. It must be so wonderful that your daughter is proud of you and still wants you around. My sister and I never went through the phase where we hated our mom or didn't want her around as teenagers. I can't imagine what a parent goes through when that happens. Enjoy your last days off before going back to the dreaded day job, but again on the bright side, there is a job to go to!

  2. Aww, what a sweet girl! It really is wonderful that you have a proud daughter.

    Good luck at returning to work. Enjoy the weekend.

  3. I enjoyed having my mom around when I was growing up. My sis, however, was the opposite!

    Glad you've enjoyed your time off! Back to the daily grind...

  4. Amber - That is so cool your daughter is proud of her mom. I didn't start writing until the older two were out of high school, but my son bragged about it all the time. As a former teacher I love speaking to high school students. I hope they're able to get you there and that you have fun!

  5. What a nice daughter. How sweet! Now remember, don't bring a spanking book with you to pass around. Have a great weekend and I'm sorry to hear you have to go back to work so soon. It'll be okay tho.