Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A New Week

It’s been awhile since I blogged. I’ve been busy with the dreaded day job. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy to have a job, because I know how many aren’t so lucky. The job is very stressful though. I had to work all weekend and this coming weekend.
Good news is I’ve been writing. Not every day, but I’ve gotten 5k into a new book in the last week. Soon I’ll be starting a new book with Katalina Leon. I love her. She’s such a great friend and inspiration.
Eight years ago today I had my first date with the DH. I drove three hours for that date. We talked for four months before I ever drove out here. We talked daily for hours at a time. We knew more about each other before getting together than I’d ever known about any man I ever dated. Let’s just say the drive was well worth it. Once we got married the DH said this wasn’t an anniversary any longer. Well if he hadn’t noticed I’m a romance writer. I’m all about romance and love. It’s important to me. :o)
That day we watched two awful movies at his house. Malibu’s Most Wanted was one. The second I can’t remember. We went to dinner at a very nice Italian restaurant, and then off to the movie theater. That should’ve been my first inclination that the man LOVES movies. Three in one day. I’m not that much a movie watcher. Anyway, we saw Gothica. I loved the movie. He yelled a few times – I laughed at him.
So I’m wishing the DH a very Happy Anniversary today! Here’s to many, many more!


  1. Happy Anniversary to the both of you!!!!!

    Marie Rose Dufour

  2. Happy meet Anniversary. I remember the date I first met my hubby too! November 28, 1998. We went to a movie together the next day. It's so sweet to remember those early days.

    Hope your anniversary is great!

  3. Happy Anniversary to both of you! Just had my 10th. I understand about the day job and working in the writing.

  4. Happy Anniversary! It's now been 24 years since I met mine, and we've been together 20.5 years:)

  5. Happy anniversary! So glad you're writing. You and Kat will be scalding together!

  6. Happy anniversary to you both! He sounds like a true keeper.

    Cheers to true Happily Ever Afters!