Thursday, October 6, 2011

Still Making Changes

Yesterday was a much needed mental health day. I wrote about 100 words. Not much but it was something. Overall, I just vegged out. I turned off the television, left the personal computer behind and hung out in my sunroom. I had to pay attention to my work computer, but I can’t do any internet surfing or checking of personal email so I really did unwind.
When my daughter came home from school we sat and talked. It was a nice time. I’m glad I had the time to think. I’ve been making changes in my life over the last week and I’ve made two other big decisions yesterday. I can’t discuss either just yet. One because I want to tell a friend first. I’d hate for her to learn about it here and the other, well it’s too personal to share.
My family is coming in for a visit this weekend. Three days of my mom and aunt. They miss the baby and I can see they’ll be making monthly trips here until the snow begins to fall.
Time to start my day.
Happy Thursday!


  1. Hugs! One hundred words is a great start, no matter what you're writing about!


  2. I hope the decisions help you out. More hugs from this corner of the world.