Wednesday, October 19, 2011

As Aspen Mountain Still Turns

The diabolical continues. As of this morning the website states that the owner is suspending operations temporarily due to illness. TEMPORARILY???? This should say permanently. As an author of this publisher I’m still in limbo. I have not gotten any responses to my emails, snail mail, etc. Ms. Hicks promises all authors who have contacted her will receive a response. I hope before Christmas.
Still no royalty statements and the checks certainly aren’t rolling in. Those are the least of my concerns I just want my rights back to all seven books.
Oh well…the battle will continue. It makes me wonder if I’m better off self-publishing all future books instead of offering them to a publisher.
Another day another new drama I’m sure.


  1. Yikes, this has to be an author's worst hell. I feel just awful for you and every AMP author out there. If an author has built up a reader base and has a good following, I think self publishing would be a great way to go.

  2. I hope this company resolves its issues with its authors soon. You deserve the rights to your books back. I think self-publishing is a good idea with your reader following!

  3. This is tragic. You need your books back. At this point Aspen's behavior is negligent.
    XXOO Kat

  4. Here's hoping you get the rights to your books back. But I see in your Salem post you are moving on to better things-- Great! Salem is cool.

  5. that is a bitch and i would complain and then i would complain bad keep up the good
    work on the book and do not let you down