Sunday, September 30, 2012


Yesterday the baby made such a mess at breakfast that when we got back to our room I wanted to give her a bath. I went into the bathroom to run the water and came in contact with THIS:

It was the largest spider I've seen to date, outside a zoo or something. It had to be three or four inches in length. The yelling begins.
Me: Honey, do you have your shoes on still?
Him: Yeah, why? - He's watching TV in the other room.
Me: Come in here quick.
He walks very slowly and says, "What's wrong?"
Me: Look. - I point to said spider.
Hubby: Holy Shit!
Yeah right.
Me: Kill it
Him: I'm not gonna mess up my sneakers for that.
The baby comes strolling along to see what her parents are up to.
Me: Throw her in the pack and play.
He doesn't.
He then insists I come out and watch her. I'm not leaving THIS in the bathroom. What if he moves.

Hubby saves the day by scooping the sucker into a container with a spatula and released it outside. (For the record I would've killed it. Sorry spider lovers.)

After a complete check of the hotel room again, I was able to give the baby her bath and rest easily.

I don't know what they're feeding these spiders in NY but damn I don't ever want to encounter one that large again