Monday, December 10, 2012

12 Days of Christmas

I love Christmas. This year we had the tree up and decorate by the beginning of December. The last few years it’s been about 10-14 days before the big day. Every morning when I get up, it’s still dark out. I turn on the tree and enjoy the peace and quiet.
I love giving. The hubby asks me every year to PLEASE stick to the budget. Every year I promise and then I don’t. :o) He told me he factors in my overspending and I still go over that. LOL
This year I’m following the budget. I’m even looking for great deals and trying to spend less for more. I’m off to a great start!!! I’m proud of myself.
So, because I’m doing so great saving on gifts for my family…
I’ve decided I’m going to do another 12 Days of Christmas giveaway this year. There will be ebooks, print books and gift cards. I’m going to keep all the contests open until midnight on Christmas night. I’ll announce the winners on 12/26.
The contest begins on December 13th.
Happy Monday.


  1. I love just sitting and watching the Christmas lights. It's one of my favorite things to do. I make sure I stick to a strict budget for my shopping, although I love to give... Contests, I love contests!

  2. Budget? There's no budget in Christmas! ;-}

  3. Well, you beat me on getting my tree put up! A 12 Days of Christmas sounds AMAZING!!! Good luck on staying in that budget!