Friday, December 21, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Contest - Day 9

Welcome to the 12 Days of Christmas Contest. Each day will be something different. Could be an ebook, a print book or a gift card.

Winners from all the contests will be announced on December 26th. Please be sure to leave an email address so I can contact you if you win. 

Meg Trainor has one wish for Christmas every year: Two men who will fulfill all her fantasies.
Santa's in a giving mood this year.
Brothers and co-owners of Turquoise Toys, Brad and Shane Griffin will give her a Christmas she'll never forget.
“Did someone come without asking permission?” Shane asked.
“I’m afraid Meg has been a very naughty girl already. And to think I just finished
with her first punishment.”
“I’m sorry,” she offered. She was far from sorry. That was the most mind boggling
orgasm she’d ever experienced. Blood rushing to the tips of her nerve endings in her buttocks, to the core of her pussy as his finger drove home faster and faster, it was perfect.
“That didn’t sound sincere to me. What do you think Brad?”
“I think she likes being a naughty girl. Do you like being punished like a naughty
girl Meg? Is that why you came without permission?”
“I didn’t know I needed permission. No one told me,” she said in her own defense.
They hadn’t told her, not that it would have made a difference. There was no holding that one back.
“She’s right. We didn’t tell her.” Shane defended her. “This time we let her go. But she did speak without permission. Maybe it’s time to find something to keep her quiet.”
What was he thinking? One of those ball gags she seen on the flyer? She didn’t have to wait long to find out.
“Take the blindfold off her,” Shane said to Brad.
Shane knelt on the couch in front of Meg’s bent body. His hard shaft glared at her, pre-cum begging for her to lick it off, releasing it from its straining desire. The sound of Brad shucking off his clothes was evident behind her. Meg dared to be brave and swiped a lick of the tip of Shane’s head.
“Wow, little lady,” Shane jumped to his feet. “That’s definitely not allowed without
my permission.”
“I thought…” she gave him an innocent look, licking her lips.
“You thought what?” Shane challenged.
“I thought you wanted me to taste you.”
“I think someone really enjoys being punished,” Shane stated.
“Either that or she doesn’t realize who’s in control here. Maybe it’s time to show
her,” Brad suggested.
“Stand up,” Brad demanded.
Obediently, Meg stood, stretching; she watched the muscles in Brad’s back flexing as he walked over to the table. The way his butt cheeks tightened was so sexy. He had a gorgeous body. She wanted to explore every inch of his body, taste every delicious inch of skin. Would he allow her the opportunity when all was said and done? When they finally had their car fixed and were able to resume their lives would Brad Griffin allow Meg the chance to examine his body closer or would he drive off into the horizon never to be seen again? She couldn’t bear the thought of never seeing him again. Meg shook away the thoughts. For now, she’d concentrate on the glory of the day and the gifts they were offering.
Brad meant business when he said he was going to show her who was in charge
this time. The paddle he carried now looked like a glossy two by four with a small
handle on the end, nothing like the cute little one he used earlier. She remembered; it was called the Turquoise Smacker in the flyer.


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