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Friday, May 17, 2013

Mr. Beckett

Yesterday I posted pics of my dogs...I hadn't planned to post them. In fact, it was meant for a totally different blog, but hey, sh*t happens. lol

So today I will show you Beckett. He's our golden who will chase a ball forever. He comes home from the park unable to breathe, but he'll still hand me the ball. The dog is nuts. He constantly lives up to his breed. Whenever we come home or someone enters the house, he must grab something. It doesn't matter if it's a dish towel, shoe or baby toy - he has to find something. He'll growl playfully and expect you to chase him for whatever he's retrieved. The good thing is he won't chew it. He's my resident PIA, but my cuddle buddy too.

Wherever I sit you'll find him right by my side or under my feet. He's the baby's protector too...only of her food. If Tyler the yellow lab gets too close, Beckett will growl warning us or him. :o)

While the other dogs will protect the door, Beckett will stand or sit in front of me if he feels threatened. This dog has my back. Not sure anyone else in the family can say that.

He's my baby.


  1. Aww, he looks like a good dog!

  2. This must be cute dog week! Love goldens! They are the sweetest!

  3. Very cute. My fur babies are going to get mad at me because they are not getting their own exposure!! LOL!