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Whet Your Appetite Wednesday - ER Pierce


Cordelia Kelly is running from her past and her destiny. She is a dual-natured empath – meaning she is receptive to the emotional aura, positive and negative, of those around her. Cordelia struggles to create harmony between the light and dark sides of her existence. She's also an elemental, but her inherent powers are slowly manifesting with age and time. The scales of good versus evil are tilting in the wrong the direction.

Will she succumb or evolve to fulfill her destiny?

Sol Winterborn is not your typical hero, if anything he’s an anti-hero. Moral indecision riddle his path to redemption, but the undeniable truth he holds onto is his search for his lighthouse – his soul mate. When fate throws Cordelia in his path, he's unprepared but can't stay away. Her siren call sings a song he can't ignore. He sees in her a kindred spirit, and possibly the one he’s searched long nights to find. Will Cordelia be the key to unlock his heart?

When his own dark past catches up with him, will he risk his life for love?


I've been writing for as long as I can remember. I wrote my first story when I was in seventh grade--A first person account of an entire summer. I went through a massive teen angst poetry phase, and I have notebooks and binders filled with prose.

Over a year ago, Ceithin and Aurelia showed up in my head. They yapped incessantly, demanding I sit and tell their story. After a month or two of being woken up with harsh whispers, I started writing. They haven't stopped, and in fact, brought friends. Now my head is filled with stories, scenes, snippets and crazy people.

Cue Law and Order music here: dun, dun.

These are their stories.

I write with emotion, occasionally a temper and I let my words flow free. I dabble in paranormal, contemporary romance, erotic fiction and darker urban fantasy.

Oh, and hey... I'm a Virgo.

Review Highlights:

"The author has done one hell of a job in bringing the characters to life,
Cordelia/Delia the empath who struggles to maintain the good while keeping
the evil from surfacing and gaining control. You can envision the steel walls being
constructed to keep her safe, to prevent the darkness from consuming her."  - Lorraine

"Duality is a great read. The chemistry with Cordelia and Sol is magical. Cordelia and her inner struggles with herself being good or evil are almost as real as most people's struggles in daily life. ER makes them believable. I was really pulled into this book right from the start. Sol seems to be the most caring of men when it comes to Cordelia. He wants to help her with her struggles and also make her stronger" - Jennifer

" I must try to not over sell this but this book was AMAZING!!! I was captivated from the very first page and could not stop reading! I took this story with me to work, while cooking dinner, I even read during some of my favorite television shows!

The chemistry and passion between Cordelia and Sol is breath taking and leaves you wanting to know more about these two. They define what a soulmate is.

The internal struggle in Cordelia with both her light and dark sides is a struggle I think almost every human faces at least once in their life. I find myself relating very much with her in this area.

This is an Urban Fantasy but it's so much more. This is a story that definitely needs to be read. I recommend this book to everyone who is into not only urban fantasy but romance as well."  - Author Jinni James

"She wages an internal battle within herself to balance her light and dark emotions. Dark emotions appeal to her wanton, feral nature while light emotions bolster the good person she wants to become. It's more than a good versus evil story. It's a inner-conflict to achieve a balance, because life is about choices and balance. She has to learn to accept herself, all of herself - her strengths as well as her flaws and weaknesses. Isn't this something we must all learn to do?" - Author Will Laforge

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“Cordelia.” My name slithered across time and reverberated in my skull.
I stopped walking and fear clamored up my spine. Someone called my name—in my mind. A discrete glance up and down the street showed no one who looked out of place. I took a second to get my bearings and listen to the wind while fastening my mental cloak up and around my head. There would be no psychic attacks on me tonight. I’d started to build the steel walls and harden my auric armor when a flash of red caught my eye across the street, and that’s when the stench hit me.
A foul odor seethed just below the surface. Currents of dark magic black as midnight licked the air and swirled around me the way killer bees attack. I’d been in its presence before, this nameless miasma of violence that hovers over all preternatural predators. Creatures who wield this type of dark magic are vigilant. They’re always waiting, primed and ready for the signal to lash out, to hurt—to kill anything or anyone unfortunate enough to get in their way.
I turned and watched, oddly fascinated by the ethereal creature stalking the night like she owned the world, her red dress billowing out behind her like blood blowing in the wind. She halted even with me, both of us on different sides of the street, but the air screamed at me to run. Run and don’t look back.
“Cordelia Kelly, I challenge you.”

Author ~ ER Pierce

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  1. Wonderful excerpt. The cover is very intriguing. I can sympathize with the voices that won't stop! I think that's why I am who I am... I've never been alone as long as I had a story in my head! :) All the best!

  2. Nice! Love the cover and the excerpt.

    1. Thanks, Julia. I'm fond of the cover myself. The model really captures the feeling of the book, and there is a lot of symbolism as well, with the ocean and storm clouds.

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    1. Awesome, Tessie. Just what I wanted to hear.

  4. Thank you, Amber! Sorry, I was in NYC when this went live.