Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Update

Today is my last day before vacation from the day job. It’s a much needed a vacation. We’re not going away there’s too much to do around the house, that can’t get done while working our stressful jobs. It’s okay, because the weathermen aren’t offering a promise of sunny days.
Our true vacation will be in August when we go to Virginia. I’m looking forward to that vacation, but not rushing the summer away by any means. As you know I’m a huge fan of summer.
We’ve been talking about moving to Texas or Florida. We’re both sick of the New England weather. The move will take place in two years when my 16yr old graduates from high school. Unless she goes to live with someone else before then and the way things are going that’s a huge possibility too.
My mom and son are coming for a three day visit. Tomorrow I’m throwing a birthday party for both my mom and husband. I had hoped the kids could use the pool, but it doesn’t seem likely. It’ll still be a good time.
I’m hoping to finish writing my current wip Trapt in Troy, while on vacation. This book is the first in my new Rock Band series. A surprise popped up in this book I didn’t see coming. A female singer will cause issues for Troy and Katherine. Journey, the sexy singer will get her own book down the line. She definitely has a story to tell.
Next week I’ll start the countdown to my new release – Operation: Second Honeymoon. A new M/F/M coming from Loose Id.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Wow! You have lots going on. Enjoy your staycation and your upcoming vacation. I understand the desire to move. I get restless and we've been in California a long time, at least for us.