Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Feeling O-L-D

Okay, so last week I went to two different doctors for different reasons. But BOTH doctors made a comment to me that irked the shit out of me. They said, “Well you know once you hit 40 it all starts to go downhill.”
Yes, I’m 40, but I don’t feel like I’m falling apart. At least I didn’t until I got to the eye doctor. I wear glasses mainly for driving. Anyway, lately my husband has been squinting a lot when we watch television. I kept insisting he see an eye doctor and he kept insisting he didn’t need one. Well, guess what? We went together and sure enough he doesn’t need glasses. Maybe a low prescription for distance, but if he chose to do nothing it wouldn’t hurt him.
ME, on the other hand…I now need bifocals. You’ve got to be F#$%^&*&^^%%$%$ kidding me, right?

My husband just smiled sweetly and said, “I still love you, honey. Oh and I told you I didn’t need glasses.”
He might not need glasses, but he does need knee caps!


  1. Ohhhhh honey. Last time I went to the doctor things he talked to me about lifting light weights and taking walks and doing calcium pills because "as we age, we need that". BAH HUMBUG.

  2. Honey - you are a baby. A little baby! Don't worry. I skipped 40 altogether. Didn't even notice. I nearly committed suicide when I turned 30. Sex gets better in your forties anyway.

  3. Turning 25 was the worst for me, Julia. I kept thinking, damn, I'm a quarter of a century old! LOL Boy if only I was 25 again!

  4. 40 isn't bothering me as much as those darn doctors rubbing it in!