Monday, June 8, 2009

Sleepy Monday

Another softball weekend behind me. We’ve only had one weekend off since the last weekend in April and our next “free” weekend is July 4th, but we have states all week long leading to that weekend. It was a busy weekend to say the least. Saturday we voted in our new board members for my local writing chapter. I’m now the newsletter editor and looking forward to the task.
Sunday we spent over eight hours at the ball field and I’ve lost my voice! I haven’t screamed and cheered so much in a long time. It was totally worth it. My daughter’s team came back in the last inning from an 8-2 deficit to win 9-8. That was the first game. The second was intense, but not as much. In the championship game they were ahead 3-1 when the other team came back and scored 3 runs. My daughter hit a shot out to right field knocking in two runs to win the game! She was so happy. We, of course, were thrilled parents.
That’s it for me today. I’m busying polishing the last of my current WIP. I’m determined to submit it before the end of the week. They’re calling for rain all week, so that should be hard to do.

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