Sunday, June 7, 2009

Week 1 progress

First off here's a little something to get the blood flowing!

So it's Sunday and I had a productive week. I wrote over 5k on my WIP. I’m almost finished editing another mss. I had to add to this, so editing wasn’t going as smoothly as I’d hoped. No biggie though.
No non-fiction writing – there’s a surprise! J I did read this week. It felt good to sit for an hour here and there and escape into someone else’s fantasy. Boy, have I missed reading. Even though I spent a lot of time with the grandbaby and work was busier than usual, I managed to get things accomplished.
I purposed a three book series to one of my editors. She liked the idea and asked that I write the first book in its entirety and synopses for the other two. Then she’ll present the package to the publisher. That was a positive for the week.
I may have some good news to report by the end of next week. Because the paperwork hasn’t arrived I can’t officially announce it, but things are looking sweet.
I’ve sent Noble Romance a proposal for another anthology. And I sent a status update to another publisher, whom I sent an M/M to six months ago. This story was my first foray into M/M and I’m curious to see what they think.
Overall, I’m pleased. Now it’s time for me to leave for the softball field. My home away from home. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


  1. Quite a picture! Thanks for the wake-up and good luck with your submissions. I so love softball!

  2. Thanks! They won the tournament today. We spent 8 hours on the field. They played back to back games. It was great for them. This is their first 1st place this year. They made it to 2nd place a few weeks ago. They won nationals last year. I hope they make it again this year.

  3. Hey. What's my ex-boyfriend doing on your blog?