Friday, March 5, 2010

Long Week

I’m so glad its Friday. This week seemed to drag on and on. I did get a lot accomplished though. Book one of my Shea Manor series, Pretend With Me is off to my editor. Only problem is I have to rename the series. I need something more romantic or BDSMish. So today I get to think up names to submit.
I’ve begun adding to book two not sure of a name for this one either. I’ll be editing 3, Play With Me so it’s ready when I submitted 2. Also on the editing block is Sliding Home a M/M contemporary. I hope to have this one off to my editor before the weekend is over.
Though I can’t show it just yet, I received my cover art for Dante’s Desire yesterday. I must say Syneca did a great job. It’s part of the Arts Theme and I have Angelo on the cover. Mmmm, what a hottie. He’s so close to what I envisioned my hero in this story. Dante isn’t as chiseled as Angelo.
This weekend is supposed to be beautiful, with temps in the 50s and lots of sun. After all the rain and dreariness we’ve had this will be refreshing. I will be getting outside for some sun! Think Spring!!!!!!!!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. If Angelo is the one I'm remembering correctly, yes the cover IS going to be good! Congrats:)

    I'm currently 2 hours north of my home and the temps are WONDERFUl! It's been sunny; I've hardly worn a coat except at night...and best of all, some 'down' time:)

  2. You're a busy lady! Congrats on all you've accomplished. And, yes, Angelo, is a hottie!

  3. I intended to write and edit a lot this week and only got promo stuff done, instead, such as requesting blog tours, interviews, and book reviews for my two books releasing later this month. Also last night we took my girlfriend out for her birthday - we almost forgot her birthday is today (we bad) so it was sort of last minute as in planned yesterday afternoon. Originally I'd intended to write last night or take the girls to a movie so they'd get it out of their system so I could write most of today and tomorrow. And I also took the cat to the vet for a recheck after his surgery but that didn't take too long and luckily he's doing well.

  4. I hope you have a great weekend too, Amber.

  5. Congratulations on getting so much accomplished! And on getting Angelo on the cover, oh my;-)