Monday, March 8, 2010

Rejection and AOL Suck

Actually this rejection didn’t suck as much as I thought it would. My editor said the characters were under developed. I don’t know she’s probably right. It’s a short 7k, so they probably are. I’ll look at it sometime in the future when I have more time. I’m sure if I add to it and further develop the characters I can submit it to another editor. I’m not sure I was really “feeling” the story at the time. I wrote it during a dark period in my life. Oh well…
Now AOL on the other hand is driving me nuts. Seems if you have urls in your email they don’t want to deliver them. So, I’ve missed NUMEROUS emails – some very important. Like the rejection. :O) Who knows what else I’ve missed. I hope they get their shit together soon or I’ll be moving to a new email.
In other news…with the help of some good friends I’ve narrowed down the titles for my new series. My editor likes one in particular but I’m having reservations about it. We’ll see. The editing for Sliding Home is done. Now I have to write the synopsis and send that in. only one book left to edit.
Time to get writing. Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Sorry about the rejection! Oh, I'm having the same email problem with Comcast so I understand your frustration. Not fun.

  2. You take it well - I agree, it's hard to flesh out characters in 7000 words!

  3. For anyone who has never written a short, short story... let me just serve as your witness that character development and plot development are FREAKIN' HARD to do in 7k. I'm with you on this one. Something gives a little when it has to be that short and I'm pretty sure you did a great job. Look at it again later when it's fresh.

    Also. I have AOL. I can agree with the sucktasm of it for almost every case. Grrr.

  4. I'm with Mia. A short short story is soooo tough in regards to in depth character development. Sorry about the 'r'. Revise and resubmit!

  5. Rejections sucks, hon, but we've all been there, as you know. Glad it's not bugging you too much!

  6. Tag, you're it. See my blog for details.