Thursday, March 4, 2010

Never a Dull Moment

Yup..That’s my house. Yesterday morning two of the dogs got into a battle over a bone. At first it appeared they both came out of it unscathed, but as the day wore on I realized the chocolate lab lost. He was bleeding from what I thought was his leg. He kept licking his leg for hours. Finally the blood became thick and heavy and was all over his face. Not good.
DH and son took him to the vet. His tongue was split in one place and punctured in another. They had to keep him for a few hours because they had to knock him out. This is my baby our first dog. He needs his momma or at the very least one of his brothers. Even though he’s the alpha dog, he’s a momma’s boy. :o)
DH went back to pick him up last night and he was crying. Broke the hubby’s heart. He’s never been away from home for this long without a family member or one of his brothers. So glad I wasn’t there. It would’ve broken my heart too.

Let’s hope today is quieter.

In other news….

The Romance Studio has just posted an outstanding review for my contemporary erotic romance novella Heat Waves and gave the book FOUR HEARTS. In part, Ammie, the reviewer said,
"...There were a few times when their conversations got quite graphic. But this is a book for adults so I was not offended or in any way by it. Their personalities were also well written and matched their actions. The plot flowed nicely throughout the book. There are a few snags in the perfect relationship building between Nina and Ty, which makes it more interesting to read. I like this book, and think it is perfect for someone looking for a hot, steamy romance."

For the whole review, check it out at


  1. Isn't it just heartbreaking when a pet is hurt or sad? I can't stand it!!! Congrats on the review.

  2. Poor baby. Glad the vet got him all fixed up though. Congrats on the great review!

  3. Never a dull moment and great review! Poor doggy boy will be fine. It's hard.

  4. Hugs for your puppy. The vet said it looked like my cat was in a fight, got bit (on his side) and it got infected and abcessed. He had a HUGE lump on his side and I feared the worst - cancer. It would have been bad if we hadn't taken him to the doctor quickly (it would have ruptured). So he had to have surgery Wednesday and he's been wearing one of those awful e-collars since which he absolutely hates but the vet said he's healing well and will be okay.