Sunday, November 7, 2010

Color Me Stupid

I thought the membership drive was for the Seven Sexy Scribes Blog. Well it was for the yahoo loop! I'm still giving the books away to those who have already contacted me letting me know they are following the blog.

Going forward you have to join the yahoo group to win a copy of an ebook. To Join go here:
On the loop we'll be having chats with lots of prizes, among other fun things. These are the books I'm offering a copy of.

It snowed last night. I woke up this morning to snow on the cars. Slush and snow. It’s too soon for this. Too soon! :o)
We had a GREAT weekend. I learned so much about my family history. It was truly amazing. Salem is a wonderful place and we look forward to going back in the summer to really explore the sights.
I had a wonderful birthday. The DH took me and the kids out to dinner. Only T came with us, her brother stayed home with his other grandmother. I’ll see him today.
In writing news, I’m writing today. I did write about 500 words yesterday, against doctor’s orders. I didn’t care. The urge came and I answered. Today I’m close to 1k and hoping to get more down.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Happy Monday!


  1. Don't sweat it Amber - I did the same thing! Had to post additional information also!

  2. When I tried the link it sent me to livemail. What am I supposed to do