Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Stress can wreak havoc on your life. I’ve been stressing the last five or six days. Rumors are running rampant through my work that layoffs are going to occur right before Christmas. The worst part is they are laying off a HUGE portion of US employees. We are going to be replaced by people overseas.
I have an issue with this. If a company has headquarters in the US they should employee over fifty percent of their personnel with US citizens. I understand labor is cheaper in other countries, but seriously folks. Our country has been in economic crisis for way too long. I wish the government, for all they’re worth, would penalize these companies. Make them move their headquarters overseas if they don’t want to support the people in their country. These companies make billions every year off cheap labor.
Sorry, enough of my rant. Back to the subject of stress. Yesterday I made a HUGE writer snafu. I decided it was time to get my non-fiction writing back on track to bring in more money in the event I’m out of work next month. There’s a magazine I’ve been targeting. One I wrote for a few years back, but they stopped using freelancers. Well recently they put out a need for freelancers.
I have a template that I use. Most of it is boilerplate stuff and I adjust to fit the targeted magazine. Anyway, I sent off the letter to the editor. In the sentence stating my interest to write for SAID mag, I had another magazines name. GASP! I basically killed any chances of writing for that magazine in the future.
Today I’m going back to working on my wip. It’s safer.
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Hey Amber, sorry to hear about your stress. It's amazing how much even a small amount can impact how you function, particularly the creative aspect of what we do! Hope it works out!

  2. Oh crap! I pull boners like that sometimes too. Just hang in there. Maybe contact them and tell them it was a slip of the finger, not a Freudian slip. Fingers crossed for you.

  3. Stress is a killer. Everyone makes mistakes like this under stress. It can totally fog the brain. I agree with Julia, try to contact the magazine. Do you have anyone there who might remember you from the past? Breathe and move on. Don't let it get you down.

    Happy writing.