Friday, November 19, 2010


Laundry – check
Clean the bathroom – check
Write –
Clean son’s former room – check
Run to the post office – check
Make dinner – check
That’s my list from yesterday. As you can see I didn’t manage to write anything. My heroine is currently shackled to the bed and she’s about to become a very happy woman. Yet, I can’t write the scene. I’m doing everything else, except writing.
Our son moved out Wednesday, so I took it upon myself to clean the room from top to bottom. I should’ve been writing. What’s the issue? I’m not in the mood and I have a headache.
My heroine is screaming, “Hey Lady, don’t leave me hanging like this. Give me a little something.” LOL
My plan is to get at least 2k today. I have an hour of silence before the house wakes up and what am I doing? Writing this post. I should be helping my heroine.
Oh Damn. I’d better get to her. She’s getting real frustrated.
Happy Friday!


  1. Headaches can really get you down. I hope that you are feeling better soon. I have no doubt that your character will get some satisfaction soon. :)

  2. You could just tell your heroine you're torturing her by building anticipation for her big scene, making her wait just a little bit longer!

  3. Delayed gratification! Take care of yourself first, your heroine will still be there.