Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sunshine, Water and Dogs

This is my combination of happiness. As most of you know I love summer and my pool. The pool has been opened since the end of May and I’d yet to use it. That all changed yesterday. After an extremely stressful workday on Monday, I had some wrapping up to do. By 2pm things settled down and I thought about a nap and realized – NO! I want to use the pool. So I threw on my bathing suit, grabbed a glass of ice water and my iPod. Off to the pool deck I went.
I jumped into the water – well not really. I walked down the stairs slowly until I was underwater. Cooled off and then went to relax on my gravity chair. With great music I leaned back and chilled. For the next hour I dipped in the pool every ten minutes, sipped ice water and enjoyed pure bliss. This was exactly what I needed.
I was happy the rest of the day! Though I must say my golden retriever is a little turd. Before dinner I took a nap. The two labs wouldn’t dare bother me for anything. They’re very patient dogs. Not the golden. When he feels I’ve slept too long he’ll come over and lick my face. Just once. One big lick. And when I open my eyes he’s staring down at me looking all sad. Tough to get upset at him when he’s giving you that puppy dog look. LOL

Off to do some writing.
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Happy Wednesday. I sounds like a perfect day with the pool. It must have been so refreshing, especially in this heat.

    Have a great writing time!

  2. Makes me chuckle! I'm glad you had a relaxing afternoon. Enjoy them while you can! My dog licks me at night when he wants me to get up and do something.

  3. Ugh, what a way to wake up from a nap. Happy Wednesday.