Monday, July 18, 2011

Another Work Week!

Last week was a week from hell for me at my job. This week isn’t going to be much better. Next week, which is my last before my leave of absence should be relatively quiet? Knock on wood.
We had a good weekend, traveling to Boston to celebrate my brother in laws birthday and shopping for the remainder of things need for our pending arrival.
Casey Anthony is a free woman. That’s the headlines everywhere you look. But she’s not free. The public still wants justice for her precious little daughter and I believe one day they’ll get it. Of all the people I know who long to be a parent; stories like this enrage me to no end. Whether it was intentional or an accident – and no I’m not referring to the swimming pool story, which I don’t believe. Why is it that life is so easy for these women to have children? That’s all I can say on the subject. I get too emotional.
So it’s back to work and back to adding KINK to my current wip. Here’s the problem. I have no desire to write about kink or sex for that matter. This will surely make my sex scene suffer. Hopefully my editor will push to make it stronger. I may take my friend up on her offer to read the scene and see where I can spice it up. I really hope once the baby arrives my desire to write will return.

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Happy Monday!


  1. One really horrible fact is that the monster is still a very young woman. She probably is going to go off and eventually have more children. The universe is crazy like that! No one can put kink into story like you do, you'll get back into it. Take your friend up on her offer, maybe her ideas will spark your own. Try not to overdo it at work this week. ;)

  2. I haven't listened much to the Casey Anthony stuff, and I think I don't want to. It'll only make me mad.

    Good luck with the kink. I'm sure it'll return!

  3. Have a good week. You have lots to look forward to you.
    As far as Casey Anthony is concerned, I think nobody should buy the book she intends to write. She's like O.J. Simpson - got away with it.