Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Guest Blogger - Desmond Haas

What Would You Do For Love? – Desmond Haas

If you met someone and, after a time, knew you were in love, what would you do if you were separated?

I wanted to explore these concepts in three of my books: Never Let You Go, No Time For Love and Sex, Love, and Happiness. In the first two books, the main character has to make a life altering decision, such that it becomes an all or nothing choice. I realize these are fictional romance books, but there is an element of truth based on reality.

In the aftermath of an argument with a lover, following the adrenaline high, when thoughts clear, there are choices. You can continue to support your side of the discussion to be right or you can compromise or you can capitulate. The cost of being right can exacerbate the separation, which results in further detachment. Depending on the intensity of the emotions, compromise may or may not be a worthwhile consideration and certainly ego can refuse complete surrender.

In Never Let You Go, Marisa has to make a decision when her lover, Sam, stops calling her. Upon hearing about Sam’s automobile accident and knowing she’s a continent away, she needs to make up her mind whether she’s willing to drop everything and go to him. Certainly, this is nothing like an argument, or is it?

Following a heated disagreement, there is an opportunity to determine how to reconcile loving feelings, now put aside. By concentrating on heart, instead of the brain and approaching your partner under a flag of truce, it’s possible to shelve the intensive emotions. As Marisa did in Never Let You Go, it’s possible to bridge the ocean of separation to be with a loving partner. It’s not always easy, but by being the first to make the move demonstrates a want to reconcile.

Crossing the ocean takes courage, courage to put self aside to reestablish the connection, instead of fighting to win. What Marisa chooses becomes a hardship, but she makes her decision from a loving heart.

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  1. Thanks Desmond and Amber. Love is about making choices and living with those choices. Great job.

  2. Perfectly said! Every choice a character makes can alter so much.