Monday, July 20, 2009

Back to the 9 to 5 Grind

I never thought I’d be so excited about being back to work, but after the weekend I had…
First off the baptism went well. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. Having 40 people in and out of our house went well too. The only thing spilled was seltzer water, on the floor in the kitchen – very easy to clean. The kids spent most of the day in the pool while the adults mingled and took turns holding the baby. She was exhausted by the time she went home last night. So were her grandparents!
The skunked dog smells much better, though his nose is still burned from the chemicals and a whiff of skunk still lingers from his snout occasionally. Someone wanted to test our patience this weekend. After we recovered from the skunked dog, one of our other dogs got sick. I’ll spare you the messy details, but we spent half of Saturday morning wondering if he would need to go to the emergency pet hospital. All the while trying to finish preparing for the party. As of today all is well. No thanks to me. I gave them all frozen ham bones from the pet store. Not recommended if you have dogs. The bones splinter.
Other than that I haven’t gotten ANY writing done this weekend. My mom and aunt are still here from NY, but are leaving later today. They’re calling for rain most of the week, so I’ll be bored and hopefully will get some writing done.
Anyone have a crazy weekend?


  1. Let's see...the highlight of my weekend was packing my husband back to work. Yours sounds waaaay more interesting!

  2. Worked all weekend. Got to be present for two amazing deaths. That's my job! Sometimes it's a nightmare, sometimes it's glorious! Sounds like you have been very, very busy in a good and kind of amusing way!